Traveling as a Senior

the freedom to travel with your pet safely and comfortablyTraveling as a senior has its advantages: you can travel when you want, based on the budget you can afford and you can return on any day of the week. Savvy seniors, however, may want to consider these following points when traveling abroad.

Peak Adventure Times

For seniors who are looking to capitalize on their travel budget, the time to travel is during the shoulder season. This is from April through to mid-June, and then again from September to October. Not only will you avoid crowds, but you'll also avoid exhaustive heat.

Quick Packing Tips

Travelers of any age do best when packing light. Consider doing laundry more often and remove some heavy and unnecessary items from your baggage (this will also reduce any baggage fees at the airport). If you can fit everything in a roll-aboard suitcase, even better.If you use glasses, carry an extra pair and bring a magnifying glass to help you see the fine details of maps and schedules that use small print. A small notebook tucked into a back pocket or money belt will also be handy in jotting down facts or key pieces of information you will want to remember about your day out. This will help keep you travels easy and stress-free.


Seniors may pay more for travel insurance, but they are also most likely to need it. Go over the details of your travel insurance coverage with your provider until you completely understand exactly what is covered, what is not, and what you are entitled to. Those travelers with pre-existing conditions need to take particular care to ensure that they will be covered should the unforeseen medical issue arise while traveling.


Take the amount of medication required for the trip with you (and a few extra) and leave them within the original containers for easy detection in airports and at the border. Trying to fill out a prescription at an international destination and with an unfamiliar doctor is time consuming and wastes precious travel time.

Seniors Discounts

Having a few spirited grays are more than enough to get you a seniors discount at many establishments, though always be prepared to show you proof of age. If you don't see discounts posted where you travel, always ask. Oftentimes they are available and just widely unadvertised.


Taxis are generally always a best bet, though subways can also be effective depending on where you are traveling to. When renting a vehicle, be aware that some companies have what they refer to as an “upper age limit” which can make renting a vehicle far more expensive. Be sure to ask about this when renting a vehicle.