Seniors Welcome International Travel

International Travel - US, Canada and Mexico have discount hotelsTraveling internationally welcomes new and exciting experiences, exposure to a variety of new cultures, and memories of a life time. Unless properly prepared, international travel can turn into a disastrous situation.International travel brings with it a host of considerations that must be included in your planning list. Here are a few important items that you must consider before embarking on international travel:

  • All necessary documentation and forms required by your destination country's governing body (if bringing a pet, bring proof of all vaccinations and health records)
  • All necessary medications that will last the duration of the trip (and preferably an additional few days to accommodate any jet lag or fatigue)
  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of personal contacts to be included in your luggage, wallet or on your person at all times in case of emergency (this is particularly important if traveling alone)
  • Printed or written travel plans for proof of intention while traveling abroad.
  • Passports, Visas, international driving license, hotel, hotel reservation documentation.

The travel agents at Seniors Welcome are familiar with senior travel throughout North America and may be able to provide assistance in such matters. But the onus is ultimately upon the traveler to ensure that they are fully prepared and eligible to visit the location in question prior to setting off. Contact us if you have any questions about traveling abroad, or check out our resources online.