Seniors Welcome Inspection and Compliance

The Inspection Process

Maintaining the standards of our Seniors Welcome designation is crucial for every establishment that is featured on our website. Every property that requests to receive our Seniors Welcome designation provides us with a declaration that states that their establishment is in full compliance with the Seniors Welcome program, and that they will continue to maintain such standards.

We frequently perform physical inspections of properties for a variety of reasons, including to follow-up on traveler feedback and to perform research for content written for the Seniors Welcome Travel Services Newsletter. This inspection includes but is not limited to:

  • The overall environment of the establishment.
  • The rooms and the services/amenities offered that make the over 50 consumer feel safe and comfortable.
  • Availability of products and services.
  • A review of written policies.

Establishment Compliance

Establishments are held compliant primarily through regular contact with our certified properties and establishments. We also ask our establishments what we can do to help support them in being even more accommodating to the over 50 traveler and consumer.

Should a traveler feel that an establishment listed on Seniors Welcome is out of compliance with our standards, we strongly encourage them to contact our Seniors Welcome Compliance Officer by the contact information provided below. Each report is held in strict confidence and is not released to any third parties, including the property in question. We take each complaint seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation.

Complaints about an Establishment

We take the opinions and concerns of our clients to heart. Consumers and travelers who have used the Seniors Welcome website are asked to contact us should they have any complaints. Our Seniors Welcome Compliance Officer will conduct a thorough and balanced investigation of the business or property. Should the property be deemed to be out of compliance, the certification will be suspended or revoked. The establishment in question will then be able to submit an appeal to the certification board during a Period of Notice. During this time, no action is taken. This provides the property with the opportunity to deliver their case and appeal the decision. If an appeal isn't received or is insufficient after investigation, the establishment loses the Seniors Welcome certification.

Contact us via our inquiry form any questions, comments or complaints here.