Travelling as a single senior over 50. What are the options?

GolferIn the past, being a senior over 50 years of age typically brought about visions of puttering around the garden or enjoying a sunny afternoon from the front porch rocker. However, as the price of traveling has continued to fall, more and more seniors are beginning to trade in their rockers for a passport.

For some, traveling solo may be new and uncharted territory. However, there are many great over 50 friendly travel destinations that offer enough relaxing, fun and excitement to make you forget your hesitation to travel alone and have the time of your life.


So, what are the best travel options for single seniors over 50?
Rest & Relax

Take a relaxing trip to a resort destination, such as Hawaii, where you can kick back and enjoy the pampering of your life. Travelling during the off-peak season (spring or fall) will allow you to avoid the crowds and fuss of the younger generations and the heat, yet still be able to enjoy the sandy beaches and lavish accommodations.

Volunteer & Vacation

See the world and give back to it at the same time by going on a ‘volunteer vacation’. You can combine your desire to improve the world with your love of traveling solo. For example, you could spend some time teaching English to schoolchildren in another country. Organizations such as Global Volunteers and Cross-Cultural Solutions offer ‘volunteer vacations,’ or you can search for an offer that is specially designed for your interests.

Regardless of age, being a well-prepared traveler is always the best choice. However, as a single traveler over 50 years of age, there may be a few additional things on your checklist.

Travel Insurance – While seniors may have to pay more, they are also more likely to need it. Find out what your medical insurance covers and where, and pay particular attention to evacuation insurance that gets you the emergency medical treatment you may need.
Health & Medication – Keep all medications in their original containers and be sure to bring a full supply with you. If you need special assistance, such as a power-wheelchair or walker, research your destination and book any accommodations ahead that you may need to make your trip more enjoyable.

There are many great options for senior friendly travel around the world. Traveling solo can be just as fun and invigorating as it was when you were a young adventurer. Being over 50 years of age really only means one thing when it comes to traveling – you have more time to do what you want.

Travelling as a single senior over 50. What are the options?