Money Saving Travel Tips For The Senior Traveller

Money saving travel tips

Whether across the country or around the world, travel expands your horizons and is a fun way to fill your time. It doesn’t have to drain your bank account, either, if you implement several money saving travel tips.

Evaluate Transportation

Sure you could gas up your car or fly across the country for your vacation, but you’ll spend a small fortune. Consider riding the train or bus to cut costs and discover sights and conversations you would have otherwise missed.

Eat on a Budget

Familiar chain restaurants and fancy dinners are fun but expensive meal options. Ask the locals where they eat, and discover tasty, diverse, authentic and affordable meals. A picnic in the park or dining out at lunch instead of dinner are additional ways to eat on a budget.

Ask for Discounts

Many places, including museums, theaters and sightseeing tours, offer a senior discount. Ask before you make reservations or purchase tickets, and be prepared to show proof of your age.

Sleep Tight

When reserving sleeping accommodations, ask for the senior discount. Mention any travel, auto or senior club memberships, too. You can also sleep tight and save money when you pay in advance, stay longer than a week or book a room through a bid site.

Go Off Season

Visit Europe in the fall or Florida in the summer to save money and enjoy lighter crowds. Be prepared, though, for less than ideal weather conditions when you schedule affordable off-season vacations.

Book Early

Most travel companies offer discounts for early bookings. The sooner you make your travel plans, the more money you can save.

Go With a Group

Enjoy group discounts when you travel with family, friends or a community group. Call ahead to make reservations if necessary.

Travel does not have to be excessively expensive. If you travel smart, you can see the world, even while on a tighter budget.

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Overlooking Cabos from the Royal Carribean

Money Saving Travel Tips For The Senior Traveller