Travelling with your grandchildren

portrait of family on hanging bridgeTraveling with your grandkids can be a wonderful way to bond and make memories, but if you aren’t properly prepared, your travel plans can quickly become a catastrophe, leaving your nerves shot and the children crying for mom and dad. Knowing how to prepare for the trip and which items to bring will help ensure a safe and successful day trip or vacation that you and the grandchildren will remember fondly.

Senior Friendly Travel Checklist for Grandkids

When making your over 50 travel plans, you will need to ensure the hotel accommodations are kid-friendly. Plan your daily activities ahead of time and find out what, if any, special clothing, swimming attire and safety devices will be needed. For example, if there is a swimming pool, you will want to bring a bathing suit or trunks and a safety vest. If you plan to attend a formal dinner, your grandkids will need proper attire.

Over 50 and Traveling with Children

There are some other things that you should remember to bring when you are traveling with your grandchildren. You will need some important documents including insurance cards and a notarized letter from mom or dad, which will allow you to make medical decisions and to seek medical treatment, if it becomes necessary. It is also important to keep an updated photo in your wallet or cell phone, just in case you lose one of the tikes and assistance is needed, not that you would ever misplace one of the little dears.

Building Your Bag of Tricks

There are other age-appropriate things to bring along that will help keep your grandkids happy and entertained. (Of course this depends on the age of your grandchildren as to what you should pack.) Choose a special tote bag filled with healthy snacks and juice pouches as well as other things to help pass the time. With this little ‘bag of tricks’, you will have an arsenal of items to soothe and entertain even the most ornery or homesick child. Here are some items you might want to include:

  • Coloring Book and WASHABLE Crayons
  • Activity and Puzzle Books
  • Deck of Cards
  • Hot Wheel Cars or Polly Pockets
  • McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys
  • Disposable Camera
  • Hand-held Games
  • Small action figures
  • MP3 Player

Group the related items into individual zipper seal bags so you aren’t emptying the entire bag each time your grandchild wants something new to play with. When you return home, hide your bag of tricks away until the next time you travel with your grandchildren and they will never become bored with its contents.

Travelling with your grandchildren