Discovering Your Hobbies and Passions

artic1Investigate Your Interests and Passions

The benefits of having a hobby are vast, from improving your immune function and memory to reducing stress and enjoying better quality sleep.  For those who are newly retired and are not used to such a large amount of free time, discovering that passion you have not had the time to chase all of these years can be difficult.  What are you interested in?  What should you do?  What can you do?  These are all fair questions that one should ask, and they often find the answers by taking these steps below:

Go For A Walk

It sounds simple, but it’s true.  Whether by foot, with assistance, or on a scooter, start taking regular trips around the neighborhood at the same time each day.  Not only is this a physically healthy activity, but it will quickly become a social activity.  Soon before you know it, you’ll be striking up conversations with others and finding out what activities are available to you in your area as well as finding out what others enjoy doing.  One or many of their hobbies may perk your interest, and these new friends will be an excellent resource to help get you started.

Do Something You Love, Something You Hate, And Something Unknown

At this point in our lives, we know what we love and what we don’t.  Some of us may love gardening, a very rewarding hobby to explore once retired.  Others may love painting, or crafting or uncovering the roots of their family genealogy.  For others, any of these options may be snooze-inducing laborious tasks that they would never take pleasure in.  Others still may have never considered these options.

One should always follow their heart and do what they love.  This should be your primary hobby.  But as you work on this primary hobby, don’t reject the opportunity to explore other ideas and activities. Something which you may have thought you’d absolutely hate (such as seniors watercise or Sudoku puzzles) can turn into a fun social event once you realize it is not so much about how well one can exercise in water or solve a math equation than it is to simply challenge oneself while chatting and laughing with others.

Embrace Technology

We all get into patterns in how we do things and perform certain tasks.  In some instances, taking the time to learn certain technologies may not only make some things easier, but it can open up brand new possibilities.  Many grandparents are thrilled to learn about video chat through Skype and are now able to communicate with their grandchildren who live across the country or even on other continents at any time of the day. Many read bedtime stories to their grandchildren via Skype at night and that becomes a hobby. Anything you love, enjoy or are passionate about can become a hobby!

Another huge benefit to getting online is checking out new hobby ideas.  Social media sites like Pinterest are teeming with fantastic craft and gardening ideas, while other websites provide hobby information, gaming opportunities, and social interaction.

Stay Open

Now unlike ever before you have the time to indulge in new activities.  When something may sound ridiculous, don’t immediately dismiss it.  Consider it and how it can benefit or detract from your life. Now is the time to take chances and explore what it is you really enjoy.  What you discover after all of these years may surprise you.

Discovering Your Hobbies and Passions