Seniors Welcome Frequently Asked Questions

We like to save time when planning our travels. We've answered some of the top questions our clients have asked us over the years and have shared them below:

  • What Does This Travel Website Offer That Others Don't?

    We are passionate about helping those over the age of 50 experience the adventure of a lifetime. After having suffered first hand from poor accommodations, we take care to vet every single accommodation, residence and business listed on our website to ensure that it not only meets the needs of older individuals, but that the establishment treats everyone with equal dignity and respect.

  • Does It Cost More to Book Through Seniors Welcome?

    No. In fact, we help older individuals save by featuring top of the line accommodations, businesses and residences that offer senior's discounts. Many seniors find less expensive rates through us than by organizing the trip themselves.

  • Why Do Accommodations Want To Be Certified?

    Our exclusive designation signifies to seniors within North America that a particular establishment cares about enriching their travel experience. This nationally recognized seal assures that you and other guests are staying in an accommodation that meets our strict criteria. You will be warmly welcomed, accommodated, and cared for as you travel abroad when you book with establishments certified through Seniors Welcome.

  • Do I Need a Passport To Enter Into the United States from Canada (Or Vice Versa)?

    Previously travelers would only be required to have a driver's license to cross into the United States. The laws have changed over the past few years. Canadian and American travelers will require one of the following: a passport, an enhanced driver's license, A Nexus card or Fast cardThe only exception are children under the age of 16 or youth under the age of 18 who are traveling with an organized group. These individuals can still pass through the border with proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.

  • Do You Provide Travel Insurance?

    We do not provide our travelers with travel insurance but strongly advise that it be obtained well before your departure. Some credit card companies provide some level of protection, but we encourage our travelers to make sure they are sufficiently covered well before departure.

  • What Should I Do In The Event of an Emergency?

    Should the area you're visiting endure a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, flood, or war, visit the nearest embassy, high commission, or consulate for your country. Should there not be one for your country, visit the nearest British or American consulate.