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The online resource for seniors.

The largest selection of hotels, long term residences and businesses catering to seniors in Canada, USA and Mexico. Visitors using Seniors Welcome can rest assured that all businesses displaying the senior friendly premium certification seal are members in good standing of the Seniors Welcome program. All businesses where seniors are catered to display the Seniors Welcome internationally recognized certification symbol and have met or exceeded certain senior friendly related conditions and criteria.

Seniors Welcome is a leading certification company for businesses and accommodation providers that cater exclusively to individuals over 50 years of age. Since the company's earliest days, Seniors Welcome has been able to recommend premium accommodations, businesses and residences throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, all of which have earned our coveted Seniors Welcome certification.

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Experience the Seniors Welcome Difference

At Seniors Welcome, we have assembled an experienced yet diverse group of seasoned travel, business and hospitality professionals who have vetted every hotel, business, and residency that has become part of our elite group of certified establishments.

  • Benefits For Visitors: Our certification program does the quality control work for you, ensuring that the accommodation or business of interest is suitable and qualified to fulfill your unique needs and demands. From senior’s discounts to modern luxuries and conveniences, we've got all of the fine details right here, so that you don't have to waste hours searching, browsing, and making phone calls for more information.
  • Benefits For Establishments: A business with the Seniors Welcome certification is one that guarantees comfort and confidence for the over age of 50 type consumer. The certification program designed by Seniors Welcome allows certified businesses to make a distinct difference from the competition by being "senior friendly" as well as increase your visibility and marketing efforts with one of the fastest growing sectors in the business and hospitality industry.

Whether setting off on a worldly adventure, seeking a comfortable new place to live or looking for a business that has your best interests at heart, we at Seniors Welcome promise to deliver that Seniors Welcome difference by providing transparent accommodation, business and amenity listings. Feel free to join in with other members of our Seniors Welcome community, a free resource for hot tips on hotel accommodations and businesses for the over 50 crowd, discounted services, residences and more!

Latest articles / senior travel